The Mad One Barbershop is not just a “barbershop”, it’s a movement and a lifestyle. King Mad One met J. Da Barbah at a barber’s battle in the east end of Toronto on the summer of 2009. Since then they started cutting side by side and became business partners. They come from a very different place, but share the same morals and teachings from their Pilipino parents/grandparents. King Mad One is originally from the Philippines and moved to Toronto in 1992. J. Da Barbah was born and raise in Toronto/Scarborough. Our goal is keep people fresh and confident so they can go on about their day with strength and positivity.

We understand that we are not just barbers working in a barbershop! We are your confidant, the place you go to to express yourself and views freely, a therapist, a shoulder to lean on and ears to hear your daily thoughts! Most importantly we are your friends. 

We takes our job seriously while having fun!
We love our job and take pride in our responsibilities.
We also use our platform to elevate and uplift the community with positive words and actions!

"Stay Humble Stack Bundles"

                                                                                  - TMOB